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Stoneridge Homes

Contemporary Style

As a creative company utilizing modern design concepts, Stoneridge Homes builds remarkable contemporary styled houses in Edmonton, Fort Saskatchewan, St Albert and surrounding communities. These pull in aspects of open space, natural light and touches of excitement in the architecture. To be a contemporary home, it has to push outside of traditional trends of space utilization, creating a lifestyle space that is functional yet unique.

Home design moves like a trend, and we anticipate the demands of modern home buyers. Stoneridge Homes builds our beautiful contemporary homes to impress those looking for a more expressive living environment. Rooms flow into each other and the styling creates a feeling of uniqueness and ownership. It provides a sense of a true luxury home in the hardwood and granite elements while meeting the functional needs of a family. It’s our ability to blend all these components seamlessly into our contemporary home style that makes Stoneridge Homes a top Edmonton new home builder.

Self Expression

Your living environment is a reflection of your personality, so within our contemporary home designs we create a canvas for you to illustrate your own touches. Open space and brightness in living spaces; large bedrooms and bathrooms that can be molded with each individual style the owner desires. Stoneridge Homes is a modern builder that understands the balance of designed concepts and freedom, giving our customers a beautiful home experience that is uniquely theirs.

Luxury Home Styling

The feelings a Stoneridge home invokes are ones of style, luxury and functionality. Our contemporary homes offer fully accessorized kitchens and bathrooms, modern lighting designs and elegant flooring. Beautiful tiles and hardwood floors greet you throughout our new homes, and the best in granite and wood line all the countertops. Everything is about space, with large rooms and high ceilings that create the feelings a luxury home should.

Possession and Viewing

We have show homes available for viewing and often have new homes available for immediate possession. Feel free to contact our team with inquiries about our contemporary homes available to view our page of new houses available for possession in Edmonton, St. Albert or Fort Saskatchewan.

Contemporary Homes

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